Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil

Hi all! Hope you are enjoying these sunnier days that are starting to resemble Spring, even if they don't feel that way yet :-) Today I wanted to do a quick review on a product I have been loving recently for removing stubborn makeup. I originally went into Sephora looking to buy the Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil, but it was sold out. One of the sales associate recommended the Boscia Makeup Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil and I have been so happy with it so far!

What Is It?
A deep-cleansing blend of botanical oils that dissolves makeup and impurities while refreshing congested

How I Use It:
This is an interesting cleanser because it works best when you apply it to completely dry skin. Simply pump a dime sized amount into your palm (a little bit goes a longgg way) and work gently into the areas that you want to remove makeup. I use this solely for my eye makeup, but it works on any area.

Why I Love It:
I absolutely love this product because of how gentle it is. Makeup remover can be extremely irritating, especially when applied to the sensitive eye area. It also rarely removes waterproof makeup. The Boscia cleanser not only removes every ounce of makeup, including waterproof, but it does it with zero irritation or drying. It is also significantly cheaper than the Josie Maran pure argan oil that I had been using for this exact purpose previously. I know some people are super hesitant to dabble in oils because they fear it will clog their pores and break them out. I can say this hasn't broken me out yet!

This product can be purchase wherever Boscia is sold--I bought mine at Sephora. I purchased a 5oz bottle for $28 and it should last me several months.

Any Downsides?
The ONLY downside to this product is that I prefer to jump in the shower after using it and apply my normal face wash. It is very oily so I like when I can clean it off completely. This is just my personal preference though :-)

Hope you guys enjoyed this quick little review!! XX


  1. good review on. Product that sound a so promising ! happy spring!
    XX, Elle

  2. really cool product! I've never been a fan of anything oil but will prob try this anyways. xx. gigi.