Casual Hairstyle for Layers

Hi guys! I am always looking for the easiest and quickest hairstyles possible for day to day life. I really haven't had the time or the patience to spend a lot of time on my hair, so when I figure out these simple and cute styles I get so excited! This style works great for those of us with layers that don't stay in your typical low side-pony. Enjoy!

To begin, start with dry hair. It can be in your natural state, curly, wavy whatever! My hair is pretty darn straight naturally, so this is what I'm starting with. Bring all the hair to one side.

Take an inch or inch and a half section from the opposite side of your head and bring it forward.

Start wrapping this piece of hair around the base of your pony tail.

Continue wrapping until the entire piece of hair is wrapped around your pony. Then, secure the bottom of the wrap with a hair elastic.

Pull your hair down to cover the elastic.

Pull some strands of hair down in the front and your done!! A quick, easy side pony that will keep your layers in place :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by!! XX


  1. love!



  2. Love it too, so simple and chic!
    Thanks for the how to,