Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet Review + DUPE

Hi everyone, hope you are well! There are some products that are complete no-brainers when it comes to purchasing them. A brand new Chanel foundation required all of 30 seconds to justify and click "buy" from the Nordstom website. I don't have much Chanel makeup, in fact the only thing I do have are foundations...Vitalumiere Aqua and Perfection Lumiere. Vitalumiere Aqua was the first foundation I ever purchased and to this day is my all time favorite. That hasn't stopped my obsessive need to collect many, many...many more, but I can officially say it remains on the top of the list. Perfection Lumiere is lovely as well and delivers a more porcelain finish. They provide a color called 22 Beige Rose that is ideal for my pink undertones...and dammit it keeps me coming back! So, needless to say I was eager and anxious for my new little friend to arrive in the mail...lets see how she did!

Overall Rating

The pictures in this post have absolutely NO photoshopping. Any blurring of imperfections is due solely to the foundation. *Note: in the After pic I did NOT conceal my undereye darkness*

First let's begin with the website description:
A lightweight, oil-free fluid foundation by CHANEL provides you with a gorgeous, long-lasting matte-velvet finish for complexion perfection. Its soft-focus pigments smooth and perfect the skin for a flawless look that lasts all day. Formulated for those with normal to oily skin.

I have to say this description is pretty darn accurate. Let's get into some more specifics.

The finish of this foundation is self-explanatory. It leaves a velvet look to the skin, just like its name states. It's a soft, matte, and powdery finish. The best part is that it is virtually undetectable on the skin, much like Vitalumiere is. So its matte, but natural at the same time and does not require a setting powder.

The formula is an interesting one. It is a very fluidy liquid that will run off your hand if you let it. It has absolutely no gel or mousse texture to it...all liquid. I recommend shaking well before applying. It is essentially a liquid to powder formula that applies wet but quickly transforms into a powdery texture.

The directions specifically recommend using your fingers to apply this foundation. I am a total brush person and feel like I get such better coverage that way, but-as directed- I applied it with my fingers. I used sweeping motions over places like my cheeks that need less coverage and patting motions over the more blemish-y areas. Because of its subtlety on the skin, this foundation is extremely buildable and you can add 2 to 3 coats for desired coverage.

At first, I was skeptical about the coverage of this foundation. But after viewing these pictures, I'm rather impressed. It really diminished redness and did a nice job concealing my blemishes and pigmentation. However, full coverage will require additional concealing.

Blemish landdd!

Wearing Power
This foundation has average to good wearing power. I wore it all day during my Easter family gathering and was in and out of the sun frequently, getting hot then comfortable then hot again. The foundation wore well, it may require slight touch-ups after 3-4 hours, but the powdery finish makes it pretty durable.

Skin Type
This foundation is most suitable for those with normal to oily skin. For those of us with dry skin it will cling to those areas and emphasize them. It's a solid purchase for summer and the warmer months.

This foundation can be purchased wherever CHANEL beauty is sold. I got mine at Nordstrom and it ran me 45 buckaroos. A little steep, but its expected for Chanel and also worth it in my opinion. Colors range from 10 Beige to 70 Beige. The darkest color looks like it would be suitable for tanner skin, but not deep skin tones. However, the lightest color looks like it could be suitable for very pale skin. So, the range is o.k., but not as inclusive as it could be.

OVERALL RATING:  8 out of 10


 L'Oreal's Magic Nude Liquid Powder
This foundation has the same liquid to powder formula and provides a very similar finish. The coverage may be slightly better with the Chanel foundation but other than that, definite dupe. If you want to experiment with this new type of formula without dropping the big bucks, give this one a go first!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Please leave any questions in the comments section, I will answer them and know to include them in my next foundation review! XX


  1. What shade of L'Oreal's Magic Nude Liquid Powder is a match for Chanel's 22 Beige Rose (the one you used)? Thanks!

  2. What shade of loreals magic nude liquid powder is a match for Chanel's #30?

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