5 Easy & Cheap Ways To Reduce Breakouts!

Hellooo! I am back from my long hiatus from posting. I have been so busy I haven't had the energy to do one of my favorite things...makeup! But, here I am again with a few really easy and cheap ways to prevent and reduce breakouts-no new products needed! 

1. CLEAN Your Makeup Brushes!

I know how much of a pain and a chore cleaning your brushes is, but it is one of those really important things when it comes to preventing blemishes. I am the first to admit, this is something I avoid like the plague. The great thing is, a full and thorough clean isn't necessary all of the time. I do a "deep clean" about once per month, which really isn't that much, but it seems to help keep the breakouts at bay. In between deep washes, it really helps to do quick cleans with alcohol or spray brush cleaner (I really like Beauty So Clean products) to help control bacteria, oil and whatever else is living in your favorite foundation brush :-)

2. WASH Your Pillow Case (s)!

Another somewhat annoying but very important chore! I have noticed a big change in the 
number of breakouts I've had, especially on my cheeks, since I started washing my pillow cases weekly (or every time you do laundry). Just throw them in with your other clothes and enjoy clearer skin!

3. REMOVE Your Makeup Before Exercising!

I have become a huge fan of grabbing a makeup removing wipe and cleaning my foundation off prior to working out//sweating. I have noticed an improvement in my skin since performing this simple step!

4. RESIST The Laziness!

Ugh...washing your face at the end of the night...any night but especially those really, really fun and long nights...its a huge chore and can be borderline torturous. BUT, it is so important when it comes to keeping those oogly blemishes at bay. Letting your foundation sink into your skin all night when your body is trying to heal and refresh not only increases breakouts, but speeds up the skin-aging process and causes (gasp) wrinkles. Yes it's annoying, but it is so worth it...do it!

5. Don't Touch!

Keep those dirty little paws off your face! I am so guilty of this, I am always touching my face and we are all prone to picking and popping. However, keeping your hands off your face will seriously reduce breakouts. Your hands carry all sorts of things that your skin won't like (bacteria, germs, sweat, oil ect.)- so less touching = happier skin! Also, I have noticed that resisting the (almost impossible) urge to pop whiteheads is super effective in terms of new zits forming AND those annoying and bullet-proof red acne marks.

Those are my 5 easy and virtually free ways to reduce breakouts! Don't forget the obvious...drink lots of water, get lots of sleep, eat well blah blah blah.  

Thanks so much for stopping by!! XX

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