Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation First Impression

Hi everyone and happy summer! With the hotter temps and humidity upon us, we are all searching for the perfect no foundation foundation! Enter: Perricone MD. Anything new and innovative tends to grab my attention, and this product is no exception. It seems to be the first of its kind and has definitely been making an impression on the beauty community. The reviews have been all but amazing, so I knew I HAD to try it for myself! Check out the video below to see me apply the foundation and give my first impressions!

Originally, I had a really fantastic first impression of this foundation. I couldn't really find anything wrong with it! I've worn it several times since the video and have a few updates for you. 

1.) This foundation applies greasy. So, you put it on and your face looks shiny right away. The shininess goes down as the foundation sinks in, but you really need a mattifying powder for this guy.
2.) Wearing power is probably 4-6 hours, no oxidation that I can see.
3.) Foundation generally stays put in sweaty temps.
4.) Hasn't broken me out, but no skin benefits to be seen yet.
5.) Have been applying this consistently with my fingers as opposed to a brush, this seems to work best.

Thanks so much for stopping by! XX

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