Ghalichi Glam: Lilly's Ghalichi's Live Makeup Seminar Products + Uses

Hi there! Last night I watched Lilly Ghalichi's makeup artist, Bria Valencia, transform her into a glam goddess! For those of you who don't know, Lilly Ghalichi starred on the reality show Shah's of Sunset and is also an entrepreneur, designer and a lawyer (quite accomplished!). The live "seminar" was hosted by and the viewers were able to watch the entire thing in real time. I thought this was really neat. As opposed to viewing a youtube video that has been edited-we got to see EVERY detail that went into the final look from eyeshadow to contour! Although the lighting was a bit sketchy at times, it was fascinating to see a professional makeup artist go from start to finish on completely bare skin. I won't lie, I was entranced for the entire 2 hours! Totally worth the $10.

During the live show, comments were constantly running through the message board to the right of the video. The whole time people were asking for product names to be repeated and what certain things were used for. I tried my best to make note of everything Bria did and the products she used so that I could post it and people who missed some or all of the show had something to reference. I can't wait until another one of these comes around, I really wish lots more celebrities would do them! Here is what I gathered from the live seminar.


Lilly uses Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub and Murad moisturizer, eye cream and sunscreen (she said she uses Murad for everything else aside from the Biore scrub and specified these products in particular).

**No, I did not miss it...Bria didn't use primer or setting spray** 
**Makeup powder puff was by Makeup Forever**


Step 1: Foundation-
MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation in NC44 all over the face using a large flat foundation brush. (Lilly said at the end that she also uses NC42 when she is lighter). The foundation was blended with a dry Beauty Blender.

Step 2: Brows-
Lilly's brows were filled in starting at the outer corners and feathering inwards, with
 the least amount of coverage at the ends closest to her nose. Bria used a small angled brush and MAC eyeshadow in Espresso. She then shaped and enhanced the brows using Giella Cosmetics concealer (shade not mentioned). She placed it underneath and above the arch of the brow. This concealer was set with Ben Nye Banana Powder.

Step 3: Eyes
Bria began by shaping the crease and outer corner of the eye with MAC eyeshadow in Cork. For most of the eyes she used fluffy blending brushes of varying shapes and sizes from Sigma. She placed Cork on the outer portion of the lid, through the crease and also on the side of the bridge of the nose.

She then deepened the crease and outer corner color with an Anastasia Beverly Hills plum colored eyeshadow (specific name was not mentioned).

Bria also placed MAC's Museum Bronze loose pigment all over the lid.

Bria continued to build up the smokiness of the look with Cork and the plum color.

She then softened the outer edges of the smokey eye with a peach color made from mixing MAC's Samoa Silk and Soft Brown.

MAC's Blacktrack gel eyeliner was placed close to the lash line and then buffed upwards to create a smokey affect as opposed to a harsh line.

Lilly's lashes were curled using a MAC eyelash curler and mascara was applied using L'Oreal Voluminous False Fiber Lashes Black Lacquer.

Bria came back to the eyes after some face work, but before this she cleaned up all the fall out with a MAC makeup wipe.

Step 4: Concealer

Bria applied concealer next using Ben Nye Cream Foundation in Light Japanese. She applied it underneath the eyes in a triangular shape down to the side of the nostrils and back to the hairline next to the eye.

MAC Mineralize Concealer in NW20 was then applied overtop of the Ben Nye foundation (concealer).

Ben Nye Banana Powder mixed with MAC's Prep and Prime loose powder were applied to set the under-eye concealer.

Step 5: Contour

Bria created Lilly's contour using a MAC cream face product called Copper Beach. Copper Beach was applied underneath the cheekbones, down the sides of the nose, at the tip of the nose, at the jawline, and across the entire forehead.

It was blended using a damp Beauty Blender. Bria used a gentle pressing motion as opposed to a swiping motion to keep the contour intact.

Bria went over the cream contour with MAC's Studio Fix Powder in NW45 (a face powder/foundation for darker skintones) to deepen and set the color.

MAC's Studio Fix Powder in Lilly's color (not specified) was then applied over the concealer.

Step 6: Back to Eyes

Bria then went back to the eyes and applied MAC's Teddy Eyeliner in Lilly's waterline and slightly along the lower lash line. 

She then patted Inglot eyeshadow in #52 along the lower lashline to enhance color and smokiness.

Lilly Lashes eyelashes were then applied. Two styles were stacked, Tehran and Paris. They were applied using DUO Dark-Toned Lash Glue.

Step 7: Back to Face

Bria then applied blush using MAC's Honey Jasmine.

Highlighter was placed on the tops of her cheek bones and along the bridge of her nose. Cheekbone highlighters were New Vegas by MAC and I Am Glam by Giella Cosmetics. Highlighter used on her nose was MAC Global Glow.

Step 8: Lips

Bria began by lining Lilly's lips with Inglot lipliner in #854 (brown shade). 

MAC NW45 Cream Foundation was applied underneath the center of Lilly's bottom lip to create the illusion of a larger lip.

Lipsticks were then applied using MAC High Tea and Shy Girl.

Inglot lipgloss in #43 (a white gloss) was then applied to the center of the lips to make them appear fuller.

MAC Prep and Prime Powder was used for further highlighting and setting around the face.


Additional Info:
Lilly's lighted mirror and vanity are by Vanity Girl Hollywood

Lilly's favorite NUDE LIPSTICKS are:
Myth by MAC
Nude by Dior
Fleshpot by MAC
*applied under a pink or peach gloss*

Why did Bria use a powder puff while applying Lilly's makeup?
Using the powder puff allows Bria to place her hand on Lilly's face for support without disrupting the foundation and creating smudges.

Why was the Beauty Blender dry..why..why...WHYYYY ?
People got so heated about this. First off, Bria is a professional makeup artist working on a celebrity, I'm sure if the Blender is dry there is a valid reason.
What Bria said was that she uses a dry Beauty Blender on products with more emollient (easily blended) formulas. Products with dryer and less emollient formulas are used with a damp Beauty Blender.

Why was the loose powder used (Banana Powder, MAC Prep and Prime powder)?
The powder was used to set the concealer so it stays put for a long time. It was also used to highlight certain areas further.

That's all of the FAQs I can think of right now..please leave any additional questions below and let me know if I left anything out.
Thanks for stopping by, hope this was helpful!xx


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