SkinnyMint TeaTox Detox System Review- Worth the $Money$ Wednesday!

Hi guys! This week's Worth the Money Wednesday is a little different. I'm not talking about a makeup product, but instead I'm reviewing the SkinnyMint TeaTox system. Kylie Jenner recently posted an endorsement for SkinnyMint on her instagram and it reminded me that I wanted to review this! Unfortunately, I didn't have great luck with this product and I tell you all about why in the video. I hope this video isn't too boring because mostly I'm just chatting with you! Thanks so much for stopping by and please don't forget to subscribe!

ALSO- I am trying some different backgrounds and experimenting with green screen.. yes it's a work in progress haha!

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  1. Thank you for your honest review of this Detox tea!! Bottom line you have do your research and common sense instead trusting a celeb about certain health/diet products!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty