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Hey guys! This is kind of different type of video today! I am going to attempt to re-create the messy top knot featured on Kylie Jenner's App! In the app, a hair style is doing this look, so I really wanted to see if it was something that was actually doable for us at home! I decided to keep the trials and tribulations getting this bun to work so you could see it all! Eventually, I did come up with an end result I was happy with! Hope you enjoy!! xx

*Thumbnail photo and photo inserts are screen shots from Kylie Jenner's App which you can find in the app store!*

**Hair starts at 1:55**


Oscar Blandi Dry Texture and Volume Spray

Bobbi pins

Hair elastic

Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine

Big Sexy Hair Hairpsray

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Thanks for watching! xx

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